Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Only Takes A Spark...

When I was praying this morning, this old song came to my head...
"It Only takes a Spark
To Get a Fire Going...
and Soon all those Around
Can Warm up to It's Glowing
That's How it is With God's Love
Once You've Experienced it
You Spread His Love
To Everyone
You Want to Pass it On"
Why, oh why, that song? From the 70s...
Well I believe God is reminding me of all he is doing in the life of my family....

A little spark in two young girls...
One would become my daughter in law.
One is my my daughter.
Two girls, both longing to be mommys.
Two girls living in a world where motherhood wasn't the most valued occuptaion.
Two girls with mothers who showed them the HIGH HONOR in begin a mother.
Two girls whose eyes lit up when they saw international babies...
My daughter often asked me why I always bought her "white" dolls to play with...
Two girls curious about adoption.
Two girls whose worlds were changed by adoption.
God lighting a spark...
Two girls lit by the fire of God's love.
Two girls grow up and marry their loves.
God is igniting that spark...
Two girls have little boys.
Two girls have beyond difficult pregnancies.
God is fanning the flames...
Two girls who believe there is more than one way to be a mommy.
Two girls who win over their husbands in their longing.
Flames are growing...
Two couples who begin a journey at the same moment
Two couples who don't know what the other couple is doing.
Two couples who are both my children.
Two couples who share with their parents over dinner the fire in their hearts.
Two little African Dolls...both with "sister" shirts.
The spark shoots to a set of grandparents...
Two families begin a journey of longing.
The fire begins a bonfire...
Two families waiting for a princess.
Princess #1 is such a fast journey, the parents are overwhelmed.
Princess #1 comes home to her family,
The fire is seen in two states...
Prayers are lifted, flames grow.
Princess #2 is such a long journey, we are weary.
The fire is not ebbing, it is growing.
Princess #2. She is coming.
She is not here yet. She is a photo, she is flesh. She is coming.
We are almost there. Spring will see her arrival.
Two girls.
Two sparks.
A work of God.
Two Ethiopian Princesses.
My grand daughters.
See God's love? It only takes a spark!
How many people will be touched by those tiny sparks so long ago?
What potential lies in these two dark skinned beauties...
To change the world.
To spread his love.
"I'll shout it from the Mountaintops
I want my World to Know
The Lord of Love
Has Come to Me
I want to Pass it On!"
I want to Pass it On"


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

MOM! This is beautiful! You are SO right, it only takes one itty bitty spark of God's love...look what it's turned it to! PRAISE GOD for He is GOOD!

More Nieces for me to love on??? YES PLEASE!

Mama Mimi said...

I don't have words, just tears =)

Laura said...

Hadn't seen this..beautiful. thanks, mom